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This is far from done but help out a woman? I know I’m forgetting a shit ton of you guys 

I’m trying to do a fanvideo for this Roleplay, complete with both the original fairytales alongside their FCs, but I’m trying to gather a list of all movies from the oldest to recent and am making sure I’m using the people who are TAKEN and ACTIVE. I started getting lazy so can you guys please tell me:

Main- Mickey Mouseteen, Minnie Mouseling

Snow White- Evelyn Queen
Pinocchio- Pinocchio Wood, Gideon Worthington, Honest John, Blake Hall
Fantasia- Tate Bonaparte, Roy Rodwell, Gwyneth Davenport, Laurel Dupont, Aaric Chernabog
Bambi- Trixie Davis, Joseph Bambi, Faline Dearly
Cinderella- Ella Cinders, Charles Charming
Alice in Wonderland- Tori Heart, Alexander Absalom, Charlie Cheshire
Peter Pan- Danny Darling, Alex Urchin, Elizabeth Urchin, Michael Darling, Wendy Darling, Tina Bell, James Hook
Sleeping Beauty- Fawna Carrow, Di Raven, Maleficent Crow
101 Dalmatians- ?
The Jungle Book
The Aristocats- Tolouse Chat, Berlioz Chat
Robin Hood- Marian Maid, Robin Hood
The Fox and the Hound- Daniel Copper, Vixey Addison
Oliver and Company-
The Little Mermaid- Jet Samson, Vanessa Van-Shrew, Morgana Van-Shrew, Ariel Saltwater, Seb Crabbe
Beauty and the Beast
The Nightmare Before Christmas- Jack Skellington, 
The Lion King
Pocahontas- Pocahontas Matoaka, Jared Meeko
Toy Story-
The Hunchback of Notre Dame-
Emperor’s New Groove- Kuzco Emperor, Yzma Valentino
Atlantis: The Lost Empire- Milo Thatch
Lilo and Stitch- Stitch McLaren, Lilo Pelekai
Finding Nemo- Nemo Marlin
Monsters Inc.- Boo Priestman
The Incredibles-
The Princess and the Frog-

 # OOC  # GO!!!  # DO IT!!  # Help me out because this a lot of work D:  # but I've been wanting to do this for a while soo...

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    [[MORE]] Cori who plays Copper is Henwen I play Sam And Faye is Taran
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    [[MORE]]THE BLACKS!!! Taran, Sam, and Henwen. My favorite family that I am proud to be apart of I may add.
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    [[MORE]] OH shit!! How did I miss that movie on the list? Okay…who’s active under the Black Cauldron characters? Do you...
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    [[MORE]] Don’t worry about it, there are so many characters on here that it’s only natural that you forget some of them!...
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    [[MORE]]Peter Pan - Jane Darling, Peter Panning Lady and the Tramp - Valeria “Angel” Clarke Finding Nemo - Tad...
  6. cute-swimming-blonde said: Sally Doll is le Nightmare Before Christmas, Michelle ‘Mittens’ Martinez and Harry ‘Bolt’ Bolten are Bolt then Rex Ralph is le dinosaur from Meet The Robinsons :)